For more than a decade, Tri Coastal Trading has been actively trading scrap metal throughout the United States, Mexico and overseas. TCT has grown into the largest independent recycler in Texas, with a revenue $350,000,000+ and annual tonnage exceeding 800,000 tons.

TCT started as a brokerage and trading company but has now established multiple scrap yards. Our shallow water dock (Greenwood) and deepwater dock (Woodhouse), provide us with the ability to serve the local Houston market. Our partnership with BRX in Monterrey, Mexico has expanded our presence into Northern Mexico amongst mills and manufacturers. We handle plastic, cardboard and scrap metal products.

TCT will always stay true to our independent, family business mentality. We strive to serve our clients with a high level of commitment, integrity and responsiveness.


Tri Coastal Trading has extensive knowledge of the vast network of scrap generators in the USA. We know what these generators produce, such as grades, quality and quantity of scrap. We know when they can deliver, and we know the best methods to get their scrap to the consumers.


Some transactions are for twenty tons, other for forty-five thousand tons. Tri Coastal Trading financial strength makes all these transactions possible by providing a cushion between buyers’ financial needs and suppliers’ financial requirements.


Tri Coastal Trading directly manages our own freight and logistics — The scrap business is all about logistics and TCT understands the freight markets whether it is by truck, rail, barge or even ocean-going vessel.


Our traders have an extensive knowledge of most scrap metal consumers in the USA, Mexico and other regions of the world. We deal directly with foundries and steel mills and know what these consumers need. In turn, we know where to find the quality scrap they require at the most competitive price.


We offer local Houston customers a total service solution.
Because we sell directly to mills and smelters, our prices are always competitive, allowing us to provide top value for their materials.

Let us know how we can assist you. Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!