Tri Coastal Trading is a privately-owned company that connects scrap generators in the United States with scrap consumers in the United States, Mexico and the rest of the world.

We started operating in Houston, Texas in 2011, and now have over 100 years of combined experience in buying, selling and processing scrap metals. Our team has acquired its skills with the world’s leading metal recyclers, and we place our shared experience at your disposal.

Tri Coastal Trading offers our team’s combined knowledge without the huge overhead and burdensome bureaucracy associated with large companies. We can get things done quickly and economically.

As of 2018, Tri Coastal Trading handles about 50,000 tons of scrap metals every month and generates over $200 million in yearly sales.


Tri Coastal traders, most with over 25 years’ experience in the scrap metal industry, have a thorough understanding of both the domestic and export markets.

Larry Stein


In 1988 Larry started his career with Luria Brothers Trading Co. in Houston, Texas. He was promoted to District Manager in 1991. In 2001 he started a trading division for Metal Management Inc. based out of Chicago with operations in Houston. In 2008 Metal Management merged and became Sims Metal Management, the world’s largest scrap metal recycler and in 2009 Larry was entrusted with the creation and development of North American Trading (NAT), the US trading arm of the new company.

In 2010 after 22 years of trading for large public companies, Larry along with a friend founded Tri Coastal Trading to trade ferrous metal scrap. By 2018 the company has grown and yearly revenues top $200 million. 

Direct: (281) 902-0264
Email: lstein@tricoastaltrading.com

Bob Broom

Vice President of Trading

After graduating from Miami University in 1993, Bob joined the nation’s largest scrap broker and stayed with them for 19 years in various trading roles. He has worked in the Southeast and Southwest regions for most of that time, so he is very familiar with all scrap generators and consumers in these areas. He joined TCT in 2012 as the VP of Trading and lives in Houston, Texas. Bob is a current member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Direct: (281) 902-0268
Email: bbroom@tricoastaltrading.com

Raul Hinojosa

Sales Engineer

Raul Hinojosa has been in the scrap metal industry since 2008. He joined Tri Coastal Trading in 2011 as a Sales Engineer.

Direct: (713) 204-8848
Email: rhinojosajr@tricoastaltrading.com

Ted Ruggiero


Ted Joined Tri Coastal Trading at the company’s inception, nine years ago. He has over 32 years of experience in public accounting and financial services for oil and gas as well as software companies. He has successfully developed solid and durable banking relationships for Tri Coastal Trading and is responsible for accounting software implementation and all accounting and finance administrative activities.

Direct: (281) 902-0262
Email: truggiero@tricoastaltrading.com

Alec Garza


Alec has 10 years of experience in the scrap metal industry. He has worked in the ship breaking business in South Texas, and was an industrial account representative in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Houston, Texas. Currently, he handles trading and industrial purchasing for Tri Coastal Trading.

Direct:   (281) 902-0261
Email:    tgarza@tricoastaltrading.com

Raphael Mulin

GM Commercial

25 years of experience with three of the world leading scrap metal recyclers have prepared Raphael for his role at Tri Coastal Trading. He coordinates scrap recycling programs for our manufacturing customers and demolition contractors.

Direct:   (281) 902-0270
Email:    rmulin@tricoastaltrading.com

Nettie Ellis


After starting her scrap business career in 1992, Nettie has worked in the Brokerage Department for four different companies. 

Direct: (281) 902-0263
Email: nellis@tricoastaltrading.com

Patsy Kudlacek

Inventory and Accounts Specialist

Patsy joined Tri Coastal Trading in September 2014. Her career in scrap metal recycling began 30 years ago, and she has ferrous and non-ferrous experience in buying and selling materials, dispatch, and scale operations.

Direct: (281) 902-0266
Email: pkudlacek@tricoastaltading.com

Darcy Girtz

Accounts Payable

Darcy joined Tri Coastal Trading in 2011.

Direct: (281) 902-0265
Email: dgirtz@tricoastaltrading.com

Melissa Gutierrez

General Accounting Specialist

Melissa has 6 years of experience in the scrap metal industry. She joined Tri Coastal Trading in the Accounting / Brokerage Department in July 2017.

Direct: (281) 902-0267
Email: mgutierez@tricoastaltrading.com